Ahhh! Mum … pains so bad

She could do nothing but just yell.

Sorry honey, it’s just how the nature plans…

But I didn’t choose this, it wasn’t my plan!

Don’t disregard it daughter, for it’s each girls faith just hold on to the pain.

But why do only girls have such painful faiths…. why can’t it be with other gender that runs this human race!

Questions were asked answers were needed

And a mother was needed to explain her daughter about period.

Oo..Hush you silly girl don’t shout it to the world.

For this is how the world works.

It is supposed to be kept secret

Because it is period!

We have to suffer the pain and let our body blood rain ….

Because it is meant to be,

For a future you are oh so tempt to see.

The pain will be forgotten when you will have your new born.

But until then you have to bare

For a while every month and than it will be gone.

But don’t shout it to the world

And don’t touch anything that’s holy!

But why shouldn’t I do that if it’s so common to the girls?

Why hide it from them when it is what it makes them?

Why stay inside when I am perfectly fine!

We just bleed every month…

Like it rains for a few months!

Why hide inside?

Why to stay at side?

When it was in the God’s guide!

Why do boys snicker when in real they should help us in our bitter.

It is just how the world works my dear!

I know the world is bitter …

For everything that shines is not

Gold and glitter!

But don’t you worry my child

This was what my mother told me when I was in the same ride.

For the world will change and

It will shape better,

And then the pads won’t be sold in wrapper!

Until then stay inside…Hide

For the world which talks of equality rights…

Doesn’t understand the importance of a girl that bleeds right!


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