SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING…. Do you believe this phrase? Do you have faith in it? Is it true? Well we will just have to read further for the desired answers.


          The phrase above is similar to one like HALF A LOAF OF BREAD IS BETTER THAN NO BREAD. It describes the need of feeling satisfied with what you have, with the things life has provided you with. People who have faith in this phrase are the ones who look at the positive side of the coin. They believe in relishing the positive outcomes  rather than mourning over the negatives. They are also the people who believe in “THE GLASS IS HALF-FULL”  theory.

              Now the real question is how many of us believe in this? Life is full of learning lessons from our own as well as others experience. Millions of people in this world and with them are ‘n’ number of experiences. Which is the most important lesson? What should we learn from them? What to adapt? What to ignore? And the list of questions keeps on increasing, with no end in  its reach. Instead of torturing our brain let us bring some more light on this topic by some examples with which we are surrounded but sometimes fail to notice. Let us see the examples in various perspectives to understand better…….. why not? because examples are the best way to understand anything.


 * A labourer for whom just a loaf of bread is enough even though it will do nothing to curb his hunger [which will only be fulfilled by a meal with a reach of 2000 calories to 2500 calories approximately for a male and female  respectively]. But here his main purpose is not to get the full meal, it just to get something …. something for him to eat. SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING  for him.

* A person who has recently graduated has been appointed for a job with salary amounting to Rs. 5000 will not immediately decline the offer in hopes of getting one with good amount of salary. He will accept the offer as for him SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN GETTING NOTHING.

* A student who is bellow average will never aim for 90% mark, instead he will vision a goal which is attainable by him i.e either to score passing marks or a bit more than that. Because for him/her scoring just passing marks is better than failing that particular test.

              In the above examples the labourer had the need to get some food to pass through his day whereas the recently graduated person had to seek a job to be employed and the student required passing marks to move ahead in is life. Here each of them are satisfied for the time being though they do wish to achieve more but they have a feeling of satisfaction of getting something. Thus, for them something is better than nothing.


                For a more detailed idea on the subject and also to know various perspectives I had a survey conducted among a small circle of people. For many people among the group voted for SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. They say that though getting something wasn’t their main motive but it sure was more useful than getting nothing. A few had their opinion against it…. for them something was just not enough. Well there were also people  (including me) who believed that something is not always but sometimes better than nothingAlong with this here are the words in which people voiced their opinions in the survey :

a) ” It is always better to do something rather than sitting at home and just slouching. “

b) ” Having just something is not ideal but it is better than having nothing at all, that’s for sure.”

c) ” This thought puts forth the positive attitude of a person, encourages and motivates them to not to give up and work hard for the goals in their life by accepting the little what they have as a  reward. “

d) ” Something is better than nothing…. when a person focuses on nothing it resembles the negative approach one has and leads to failure. But when a person focuses on something, he can achieve success in his life by being optimistic. Appreciate what you have no matter how small it is because we all were born with nothing in our hands but if we don’t utilize the gift of life, it would be a waste. “



           Where some people voted for the topic and some against, there were a few who had altogether a very different opinion. The conclusion I could draw out of this was that different people have different ways of seeing  things in life, different ways to act and react towards a particular situation. It is just the matter of perspective one has towards life.




  1. Ruchi, a great beginning! A very serious but very interesting topic to analyse and write!
    Yes, it is true that each one has a different perspective and reactions to a particular situation. It’s mostly one’s own experience that one relies on, every time he/she makes up his/her mind about the thing they see.
    Of course, as and when the situation changes, our thought process and decision making also varies.
    One thing should remain constant though, which you have perfectly observed-staying positive!
    Conclusion : a very interesting and thought provoking article by you. Keep writing and share your thoughts with us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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